Most Popular Items: American Eagle

Here at The Glam Vanity, we believe in providing you with all the best, and latest in the fashion world.

American Eagle is a store that we personally adore. When wearing their clothes, you cant help but feel confident and comfortable all at the same time!

During the winter seasons, we’re always looking for the cutest, most comforting tops that look well on us. We reached out to American Eagle, to see what their most popular items are around the holidays, and here’s what they said.

Their AEO Jegging Sweater is so soft, you’ll want to live in it! This sweater has ribbed cuffs, as well as side slits and comes in many different colors, including: cream, deep green, blue, red, burgundy, light pink and black.


There’s also the AEO Boyfriend Shirt, made of extremely soft materials, with a full button up front. This shirt comes in a color assortment as well, including: yellow, burgundy, navy, olive and red.


During the winter and fall seasons, American Eagle also starts selling out of their Jeggings, and Denim pants.


We highly recommend you buy these items! If you do, or if you already have them in your wardrobe, we’d love to know! Click Here to look on the American Eagle website, and find things you may want for the Holidays!




Style Icon Of The Week: Nicole Scherzinger 

There has been a handful of woman who have changed the world of fashion over time. This week we wanted to talk about someone in particular – Nicole Scherzinger!

Not only is Nicole known for her amazing vocals and diva personality, she is also known for her sexy sense in style!

Each week we want to dedicate to someone who has evolved in fashion. Fashion is ever-changing and no one is immune to the power that it has. We all want to be in style and that hasn’t changed for Nicole!

Nicole is up to date on all the latest fashion trend, and it shows through her day to day outfits, as well as her Red Carpet attire.

She’s with the boujee style, and she’s killing every outfit she wears!

 Image result for nicole scherzinger 2016  Related image

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