Anastasia Beverly Hills Dupes

Here at The Glam Vanity, we understand the struggle of needing to go out and buy new makeup, but not having the time or the money. Cant hit the mall? That’s okay! We’ve got some makeup products that you can purchase from your local drug stores, that are almost like the higher quality brands!

This post is revolved around the many Anastasia products, and their dupes.


If you’re part of the makeup world, you know that Anastasia has various eyebrow products, between her pomades, to her pencils.

ABH DipBrow Pomade ($18) VS. NYX Tame&Frame ($6.99) – Both are true to their claims about being waterproof, and smudge proof. The NYX Pomade leaves you with a lot more room for error, since it doesn’t have as much pigmentation as ABH.

ABH Brow Wiz ($21) VS Maybelline Define-A-Brow ($6.99) – Both products are made from almost the exact same ingredients, and their application processes are almost identical, the only difference between the two are their brushes.

Image result for anastasia dipbrowImage result for nyx tame and frame





Anastasia Contour Kit ($40) VS Ac On Tour Contour Kit ($12.40) – Both of these powder contour kits again, have similar ingredients used to make the product, however the Ac On Tour pallet is NOT tested on animals and IS vegan friendly.

Image result for ac on tour kit

Image result for anastasia powder contour kit

The Ac On Tour pallet has more subtle tones, while the Anastasia Pallet has more rich, and dark colors.


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